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New Equipment

Diedrich D-25HT Geotechnical Drill Rig.

D-25 HT ---- with a 27 hp Kohler 2-cylinder air cooled engine

Unit includes:

  • Heavy-duty universal joint with 1-5/8” hex connection

  • Double strand No. 60 chain-driven rotary box running in 90 wt. gear oil

  • 2-3/8” I.D. open spindle

  • Split bushing ( quick-change ) on feed cylinders

  • Choice of standard paint colors

  • Drill engine hour meter, oil-amp-temp gauges

  • Lockable battery box

  • Cable pulldown feed system for low overhead clearance drilling

  • Mast is 15’ long

  • Cathead 6” diameter

  • Hoist / Winch , Hydraulic ( two-speed w/brake ) 2000lbs capacity

  • Hydraulic off hole slide base

  • Water pump , 3L4 progressive cavity

Other Options are available

Hydraulic 140 lb SPT Automatic Hammer
Upper (1-1/4" LHP / 2-1/4" Box / AWJ)
Lower (2-1/4" Pin / U-Joint / 1-5/8" Hex)
Can be mounted on a truck, track, sled skid or trailer.


General Hand-held auger system
Heavy Duty Radio Remote Control
D-50 Track Drill

T-4 Drill Pipe For Sale

  • size : 4-1/2” OD x 25’ with 3 1/2" Reg threads.
  • Quantity available 38 Pipe
  • 80% life remaining
Beaver Drill System
Mobile Minute Man
ACKER "ACE" on skid sled with cathead, slide base,
winch and deck gas engine. 


Acker Lightweight Motorized Hoist
 Smeal 5T Pump Hoist

The 5T is the most popular all around pump hoist on the market today. Its extreme versatility ranges from small submersible pumps all the way to line shaft turbines. The 5T is designed with a self-supporting mast which eliminates the need for guy cables. The load is supported by two 3 ½"x 48" double acting cylinders. Maximum layback on the 5T is 11 ft. back of the truck to allow easy access to hard to get to pumps or pump houses. The 5T basic rig consists of a 36 ft. telescoping mast, 12,000 lb. capacity, 220 ft. of 7/16" NSNR cable with an open speltered socket, 4 ½ ton swivel safety hook, block for 2-3 or 4 part line reeving and hydraulic outriggers.

The 5T will adapt to a 1 ton truck or larger.

Call for details

Used Rigs/Equipment

USED ACKER ACE Model -W Core Drill Rig

Gasoline Engine - 2 Cylinder 4 Spd. Transmission, 2L4 Moyno Water Pump, Main Winch,
Hydraulic Slide Base, Manual Chuck Assembly, Ski Sled Skid.


Powered by 4 cyl. Gas Ford Industrial Engine, 3 Hydraulic Jacks, 2 Winches,
3L6 Moyno Pump, In & Out Slide Base, Quick Disconnect Mast, Fast Up Feed.

Mounted on 1987 Ford F-700
2 Wheel drive, 28,000 GVW, 5/2 Transmission, 1100 x 20 Tires 80%, 26,000 miles on Rebuilt Engine

1981 Acker AD II Geotech Rig

6 cylinder gas motor, slide base, 2 Winches, Tool boxes140 SPT Safety Driver Hoist,  Moyno pump. Quick disconnect mast, Hammer Rack Breakout wrench. 3- jacks, Water tank.

1981 4x4 International truck

1985 Ardco Model K- 4X4,  All Terrain Buggy

Standard Features:

Payload: 10,000 lbs.
Axles: Rockwell heavy-duty planetary type.
Brakes: Hydraulic disc.
Steering: Articulated center pivot actuated by twin hydraulic cylinders.
Transfer Case: Heavy Duty for Ardco.
Engine: Detroit diesel 353, 12 volt electrical system, alternator, heavy-duty Cooling system, dry-type air cleaner, fuel and oil filters, 12 volt, 78 ampere hour, Heavy-duty service free battery.
Instruments: Ammeter, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge and key ignition.
Gear Train: Spicer transmission, five speeds forward, one reverse, synchromesh gears and 13” heavy-duty clutch, and mechanics drivelines.
Tires: 66x43-25NHS Goodyear.
Winch: Front mounted.
Frame: Heavy duty tubular steel, articulated center pivot with extra-heavy-duty oscillating trunnion.
Fuel tank: 30 Gal.
1999 Christensen Atlas Copco CS1500 core rig

with slide angle package, PQ size Corehead, Updated 6 CYL Cummins 6BTA5.9L Tier III Motor, Drillhead 11.5’ feed stroke, Increased Main Hoist to 15,000lb & Wireline Hoist Hydraulic Bean pump 35 GPM 700PSI Updated & increased HYD pumps & motors to 4500 psi,  Four hydraulic Jacks.

 Mounted on 1991 International Diesel Truck  

Aluminum Spud Barge CME45 B 16'(8') x 20'
8' x 20'; with Drill hole through Deck.

Jack Up Drilling Barge  - 37' X 12' w/8"dia, keyhole cutout opening in deck to drill through, Jacks up out of 37' of water, 27' flat bottom aluminum push/crew boat, Powered by Two 130 HP Yamaha outboards, Available with or without drill rig..

For Rent or Sale!!!  

Big Beaver  Geotechnical Track Rig

with 38HP Kohler Motor, SPT Cathead, Winch & Jacks

Bombadier Muskeg Track Machine

It has a 318 Cubic Inch V-8 Gasoline Motor, 8’ Flatbed with a CME 45
Bolt Pattern Base, and Hydraulic Jacks.

(Optional Front Winch)

1989 CME 850 Track Rig

Cummins 4BT 3.9 Turbo 239 Cu.In. Diesel Engine, Hyd. Front Winch, 3 Jack Leveling System. 33” Wide Tracks with Ground Pressure of 25 PSI.

 Mounted on 1987 Tracked 900 CARRIER with FRONT WINCH, Perkins 235 DIESEL 4 cyl engine, 2L6 pump; 4 -48” jacks, 3200Lb WINCH & CATHEAD

With 1997 Trail Boss Trailer  

1984 CME 45B

1984 CME 45B with Duetz diesel motor mounted on 1984 Gemco GT-150 Buggy with 453 diesel motor & front winch.

Rig has hydraulic winch, SPT Auto Hammer, SPT Cathead, 2L8 Moyno water pump, Water Tank, Hydraulic Rod Clamp &  Hydraulic Wrench and 4-Jacks.

  Only 172 hours.

Diedrich D-50 ATV Diesel Geotech Rig

With 3L6 Pump, Slide Base, Hydraulic Winch, SPT 8” Cathead Drum with forward & reverse @ 5000lb capacity, Four Speed Rotary Head for Auger Drilling, Rock Coring and SPT/Shelby Tube Drilling.

Rig is mounted on Ardco ATV Articulating/Oscillating K-Buggy with front Winch & powered by Ford 6 cylinder gas industrial Motor.

2004 Diedrich D-25

Serial #D25126

Kohler 25 H.P. Gas Motor, Quick Disconnect Mast, Hydraulic Off Hole Slide Base, 140 lb. SPT Hyd. Auto Hammer, 2L-4 Moyno Water Pump, Winch, SPT Cathead, Geo-Probe Hammer on Drill Head, Low Overhead Clearance Pulleys & Can be Skidded with it’s own Winch.

Mounted On: Sled / Skid Base Assembly

1994 Diedrich D-25 TRACK Geotech drill rig


D-50 Diedrich

Truck/Carrier Info


Rig/Equipment Info


















Wheel Type


Engine Type

Deutz Diesel 4cyl.




2 - 3,000

Engine Type

Kubota 5 cyl.


Breakout wrench


Very good tracks.  Has a twenty ton front wench.  Joy stick controls.  Front auger rack (2 sections)


Complete rebuild of gear boxes, right angle drive, cathead, etc. with new motor.  Also includes breakout wrench, bean 40 pump, 200 gl. water tank & tool boxes.

1999 DrillTech D-25 KW

Powered By 3406 Caterpillar Engine, 6500 Hrs. on Rig, 1050 psi/350 cfm Compressor with 700 Hrs. , DHD Oiler, 20 gpm Foam Injector Pump.

Mounted On:
1999 Sterling Truck, Diesel Engine, 17,000 Miles,
8 New Rear Tires.

Sale Price Includes:
420’ of Drill Rod

G & R Model 1200 Pump Hoist

12,000lb Capacity, Telescopic Mast, Stabilizer Jacks.

Mounted on 2006 Ford F550
4x4 Diesel With A/C

Kori Model 4526-18 Amphibious Marsh Buggy

Engine : Caterpillar 3208
Transmission: Hydrostatic
Tracks: Aluminum

Longyear 24 Core Drill Rig

New Gasoline 2 Cylinder Motor, Mechanical Chuck & 3 Speed Transmission, With Hydraulic Angle Mast.
 Longyear  44 Core Drill Rig


Longyear 44 - follow link for photos - complete profile coming soon

Extendable Bed, Angle Mast,  Hydraulic Jacks, Bean Pump.

Longyear 44

353 Detroit Diesel Motor, Main Winch, Hydraulic Chuck, Hydraulic Slide Base.

Can Be Skid Mounted or Truck Mounted.



General 550 Dig R Mobile

Rebuilt General 550 Dig R Mobile trailer mounted, 7 hp gasoline engine provides max. drilling torque of 281 ft. lbs. . Drills up to 10” diameter.

See listed specs in provided brochure

Mobile B-85 Tracked Geothermal drilling rig

2012 geothermal mobile drill

1995 Mobile B-57 Geotechnical Rig

Rig has 6 Cylinder Ford 300 Motor,  Automatic hammer, 3 winches, cathead, 3L6 moyno pump, wiggle tail, and break out wrench.

Mounted On
Ford Truck

1987 Mobile B-80-22

3 Winches, 3L6 Moyno Pump, 3 Hydraulic Jacks, 8 Speed Hi.Torque/Hi. RPM Hydraulic Tophead, 500 Gal. Water Tank, PTO Driven From Truck Engine.

Mounted On
Ford LN8000 With Cat. Diesel Engine


Mounted on a 1990 Ford F-900 Diesel, with a Cummings Diesel, Deck engine, 3L8 Moyno Pump, Wiggle-tail, 2 Hydraulic Winches and Safety Drive Hoist, 3 Leveling Jacks, 29' Mast, 2 Auger Swing Racks.

2009 Simco 2400

Trailer mount, 49 horse Duetz, Moyno pump, cat head, hammer, 506 hours. Owner, operator so this drill has been well maintained! 110' of AWJ rods, 90% life, mud bit, rock bit, misc. tools.

All ready to drive off and go to work!

2006 Simco 2800
Geotechnical & Environmental Drill Rig

Serial # 062036

Features: Heavy Duty Transfer Case PTO Powered Hydraulic Pump System, Multiple RPM Drillhead – with Hydraulic Off-Hole & 2” ID Hollow Spindle - Max. Rated Torque 7500 ft.lbs at Max. Speed 670 RPM, 11’ Stroke Mast with Extension to 25’5”, CME SPT Auto Hammer,
3L6 Moyno Pump, Hydraulic Rod Clamp & Break out Wrench, 8” In & Out Hydraulic Slide Base, & 9” Wiggletail on Truck bed, 2 Hydraulic Winches- Main Hoisting Winch w/Brake 4500 lb Cap.,
& Aux. Hoisting Winch without Brake 2550 lb Cap, and Hydraulic U.D. Shelby Tube Soil Extractor.
Rig Hours only 2659.

Mounted on

2006 Ford F-550 Diesel 4 x 4, 30,600 Miles


Monitoring Wells – Soil Sampling – Mineral Exploration – Water Wells

Methods of Use

Auger Drilling – Core Drilling – Angle Hole Drilling – Mud Rotary

2005 SIMCO 2400 SK-1
Trailer Mounted Tandem Axle

Hydraulic Slide Base, 462 Original Hours, 4 Cyl. Air Cooled Duetz Diesel Engine, Cathead & Mast Extension.
Simco Model 200 Earth Probe

20 Horsepower Kohler Deck Engine, Propane Powered.

1993 Simco 2800 Drill Rig

Geothermal / Waterwell / Geotechnical Drill Rig

Mud Pump, Breakout Wrench & Rod Table with Clamp, Hydraulic Winch, 4 Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Slide base, Drill Pipe Carrousel.

Mounted On
1993 International 4800 4 X 4 Truck
DT466 Turbo Diesel Engine, 4 Wheel Drive,
with Air Brakes

1990 Simco 2400 SK-1

30 H.P. 4 Cylinder Wisconsin Gas Air Cooled Engine, SPT Cathead Winch & Mast Extension. Trailer Mounted with 3 Stabilizer Jacks.

53 Total Hours on this Unit.

1990 Simco 5000

Tophead 3,550 ft. lbs. 0-170 rpm.  Topfeed Water Swivel 3" Water Course,  24' Stroke Mast 13,450 lbs Pull up /Pull down,  Main Winch 12,000 lbs. max.,  Sandline Winch 2,500 lbs. max.,  Hydraulic Breakout wrench,  Hydraulic Retractable Rod Table,  LeRoi Air Compressor 250 cfm/150 psi,  3x4 Centrifugal Mud Pump 500 gpm/180 psi,  Water Tank, PTO Driven.

Mounted on GMC Top Kick Truck

• Drill Platform 102" CA Truck w/ 3 Hydraulic 36" Leveling Jacks
• 15' Rod Box

1987 Simco 2400

3 cyl. Deutz Diesel Engine, Dual Hydraulic Pump & Cooler, Cathead, 140# Safety Hammer, 100 Gallon Water Tank, 20’ Derrick, Front Hydraulic Jack, Manual Rear Jacks, Auger & Rod Racks, 2 Tool Boxes Mounted Underneath Chassis.

Mounted on 2003 F-450 4 x 4 Truck. With 6.0 Turbo Diesel Engine, Automatic Transmission, Front 5000 Lb. Winch. 62,669 Miles.

1986 Simco 2400 SK-1

Water Tank, 300 Lb. Hammer, Cathead,  Storage Boxes, PTO driven.
Includes All Tooling On Truck Bed.

Mounted on
1984 GMC 6000 Diesel

2000 Simco 2800 HT
4 Cyl. Perkins Diesel, 65 HP Engine, Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Cathead, Winch, Extendable Mast Extension, Tool box & Tool Racks. 2120 Hours.

Mounted on Two Axle Trailer, With 3 Hydraulic Jacks.

Other Options may be added to Fit your particular needs.

1978 Simco 2400 SK-1

5’ Stroke, Cathead & Winch, 4 Cyl. Wisconsin Gas Engine.

Mounted on: Skid/Frame

3000 Simco

SPT Cathead, Mast Extension, 6’ Hydraulic Drillhead Stroke, Powered by Wisconsin 37 H.P. Air Cooled Engine

1985 SpeedStar QD600 Serial #101163

Tophead Dual Motor Rotary Drillhead, 600 CFM/ 250 PSI Air Compressor, DHD Oiler, Foam Injection Pump, 5 X 6 Duplex or 4 X 3 Centrifugal Mud Pump, 4 Hydraulic Jacks, 2 Winches and Jib Boom With Single Rod Loader & Helper Side Rod Handler Controls.

Mounted on
1985 International F-2574,
350 Cummins Diesel, 6 X 4 Dual Rear Axles



The "Tiger Sales Team" is ready to serve you from these locations:

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